International Association for Continuing Engineering Education

Individual Award Nominee Form

The objectives of this award are threefold:

1. To honor an individual at the World Conferences on Continuing Engineering Education, who, by example, has demonstrated individual world-class leadership in developing and/or promoting continuing engineering education.

2. To promote continuing engineering education worldwide by honoring an exemplary individual practitioner.

3. To honor the memory of Joseph M. Biedenbach, one of the three principal founders of the series of World Conferences on CEE that began in 1979 and a founding member of IACEE in 1989, whose demonstrated tireless efforts to promote continuing engineering education spanned his career.

This is an award made for an individual, who:

- is known as a role model in continuing engineering education development ;

- has shown great personal involvement in the development of CEE;

- is expected to give a plenary lecture at the WCCEE.

Please complete the information below to submit a nominee for the IACEE Individual Award.

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  1. Nominator(s) must be an IACEE member(s), but it is not necessary for the nominee to be an IACEE member. It is hoped that any individual who receives the award and who is a non-member will become a member of IACEE.

  2. An award need not be made if the Awards Committee judges the nominees not to be worthy recipients.

  3. This IACEE Award recipient is also eligible to receive compensation for travel to and lodging at the site of the World Conference.

  4. A written case for support must be prepared and submitted to the IACEE Council for consideration. 

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Following are the criteria against which an individual candidate for this award might be measured. Nominees need not meet all 10 criterion; the following are merely guidelines. However, any nominee must agree to support criterion #10 if selected as the awardee.

1. Demonstrable commitment to CEE, support for CEE, and participation in CEE;

2. Demonstrates vision about how professional development is a part of a life-long career;

3. Demonstrates the individual's role and responsibility in the improvement of the work environment, products, services and processes, by means of professional development;

4. Encourages others to demonstrate commitment to CEE, support for CEE, and participation in CEE. Demonstrates a willingness to share knowledge with colleagues and other stakeholders;

5. Active participation in international and national societies and educational networks;

6. Reputation for high quality, world-class presentations and workshops focusing on CEE;

7. Demonstrable encouragement and support to employers and individuals for CEE via education, training and job rotation;

8. Innovative use of social media and other technologies for educational purposes to reach all appropriate stakeholders;

9. Demonstrates continuous empathy with and encouragement of quality improvement in professional development;

10. The recipient shall agree to attend the World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education and, during a featured session, to present his/her thoughts, views, experience and reflections on the development of CEE.
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