2024 Individual Award Nominee Form

The objectives of this award are threefold: 1. To honor an individual at the World Conferences on Continuing Engineering Education, who, by example, has demonstrated individual world-class leadership in developing and/or promoting continuing engineering education. 2. To promote continuing engineering education worldwide by honoring an exemplary individual practitioner. 3. To honor the memory of Joseph M. Biedenbach, one of the three principal founders of the series of World Conferences on CEE that began in 1979 and a founding member of IACEE in 1989, whose demonstrated tireless efforts to promote continuing engineering education spanned his career. This is an award made for an individual, who: - is known as a role model in continuing engineering education development ; - has shown great personal involvement in the development of CEE; - is expected to give a plenary lecture at the WCCEE. Please complete the information below to submit a nominee for the IACEE Individual Award.

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